Kate Van Cleef
May 23, 2019

Meeting the Needs of Your Daycare Business from Launch to Growth

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Meeting the Needs of Your Daycare Business from Launch to Growth

When starting a new preschool or daycare, it’s easy to adopt tools with strong name recognition and heavy adoption in your area. After all, if the three preschools nearest you all use the same childcare management software, why shouldn’t your school?

It’s just as easy to become too comfortable with those tools you adopted in the early stages, even once they no longer suit your business needs. Sometimes the school management system you chose is no longer a fit because your school has changed, but often they’re no longer a fit because the childcare software has not.

No matter where you are in your school’s life cycle, it’s important to consider your needs and the needs of your families. Does that software that the other schools use satisfy the desire of young parents for technology like a daycare app at their fingertips, a childcare payment portal, and the ability to register for school online? Does the company’s fee structure seem fair and reasonable compared to the competition? Can the platform work with inevitable ebbs and flows in business? Is it really the best daycare software for you?

Check out our latest post by guest blogger Trisha Dean, Director of her school district’s Early Learning Center. She describes the factors she considered in selecting a solution and explains why she chose Curacubby.