Bring Parents Into the Classroom Virtually

The Moments App enables organizations of all size to communicate in a safe and fast way with participants to share updates and track DRDP events.

The Easy, Fast & Safest Messaging Tool for Organizations

Fast Direct Messaging

Safe & Custom Privacy Setting

Unlimited Moments Shared

DRDP Tracking

Create Daily Moments

Capture daily activities through photos, videos, text reminders, + more and share with family and friends with the click of a button.

Being able to communicate with parents in real-time with pictures and short videos is priceless for parents, especially if their child is just beginning school. The teachers and parents will be able to message each other throughout the day as needed, so any concern or last-minute thought about a need can be immediately communicated. This will help build relationships and confidence between the teachers and parents.
Karen Castagna, Director at Happy Childhood

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