Bring parents into the classroom virtually

Coming soon! The Moments App enables teachers to start chats with parents, share updates, and track DRDP events.

Your Solution to Parent Communication

With new social distancing guidelines, it can feel like parents are disconnected from the learning experience. And as parents and school operators ourselves, we understand how critical teacher-parent communication is to the success of children.

But beyond that, we also know that communication wasn’t necessarily easy before either, and tracking interactions, activities, and development was clunky and time-consuming.

That’s why Curacubby developed our Moments App, a parent-teacher communication tool within an easy-to-use interface.

Teachers document, create, and tag key moments to share with parents and track for their own reporting.

Keep Parents Engaged

Reconnect with parents online. Teachers can easily send photos and videos, start chats, and share updates about key events like meals, diaper changes, and activities.

Track DRDP Events

Use a single system to document and tag DRDP events, and easily generate reports.

Simplify Work for Teachers

Centralize parent communication in a single system that’s easy for teachers to use and allows for visibility across the staff.

How It Works

Coming soon! The Moments app is designed to be simple for parents and teachers to use.

download app

Parents and teachers download the app and connect via the school account.

post moments

Teachers share images and messages, tag students, and parents are notified.

pull reports

Administrators easily pull reports to track DRDP events and other communication.