Simplify Your School’s Application & Enrollment Process

Family Signup Tool is an online student application and registration form that streamlines enrollment and automates new student data entry. It’s simple for school administrators to set up and even simpler for parents to use.

The Comprehensive Tool for Enrollment Management

Registration & Waitlist Tracking

Application Fees

Online Application Portal

Tuition Management

Keep all your documents in one place.

Say goodbye to chasing down paper forms, Google Docs, PDFs, and other documents your school uses. Curacubby offers a single, easy-to-use portal for your school’s enrollment process that keeps track of applications, family contracts, and enrollment forms.

Connect the application process with tuition.

Simplify tuition management by automating billing for students accepted into your program. From application to enrollment, Curacubby manages it all, saving you time and ensuring you collect more money – on time.

curacubby example enrollment form for preschools
curacubby billing system

Go digital to help your business and your customers.

Connect with a larger pool of prospective students by managing your process online, generate more leads, and increase conversion rates on your application form. Plus, parents no longer have to pick up a paper form or print, sign, scan, and return a document.

“Curacubby’s Family Sign Up Tool has been a complete life changer for our school administration. We’ve loved how seamless the transfer of information from our website to our Curacubby portal has been. We’ve easily saved ourselves hours of manual work. This is a MUST for any school owner and director!”
Nancy Shiloff, The J Learning Center

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