Raise Money for Your School

Donations is an online fundraising platform that generates a custom URL schools can share with their school community and beyond to raise money for different initiatives.
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The All-In-One Fundraising Platform for Schools

From extra PPE to computers or an outdoor program, schools have big plans to keep students learning.

And these plans mean higher costs and a greater need for fundraising from your school community.

With Curacubby’s new donations platform, you can set up an online fundraising portal that you share with your school community and beyond to raise money for different initiatives.

Set up custom funds.

Using Donations, you can run multiple fundraisers at once with custom funds, which allow you to specify causes like PPE, an arts program, or tuition assistance.

Create an easy-to-use payment portal.

When activated, Donations creates a custom payment portal available via a unique URL that you can promote to your network and community.

Track donations in your accounting statements.

The system tracks donations accordingly and accurately represents them in your accounting statements, as well as auto-generates receipts for donors.

How It Works

Donations is quick to set up and easy-to-use, making it simple for schools to activate their fundraising efforts.

activate donations

Meet with one of our reps to turn on Donations in your account.

set up your funds

Specify the different funds you’ll be seeking to fill.

raise money

Share the custom link and start raising money.