Trisha Dean
May 14, 2019

Why I Chose Curacubby – and Why I Couldn’t Be Happier

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Why I Chose Curacubby – and Why I Couldn’t Be Happier

Guest Post - In my job as Director for our school district’s Early Learning Center, I wear many hats. I handle billing and a portion of the accounts receivable, student enrollment and other operational tasks, and also manage our staff scheduling needs, liaise with parents and essentially keep our center running in an agile, organized manner. My reliance on Curacubby for some of the back-office tasks is key to ensuring we continually deliver a superior experience to our community of children and parents.

I was offered a position in May of 2018 while the center was still under construction. I was hired as the Director, a role I was thrilled to accept, and was responsible for planning and implementing anything that had to do with staff and children. I have spent many years working in the early childhood profession, from teacher to supervisor and program coordinator, and given my combined experience, I knew first-hand when I started the position that the operational side of overseeing the Kettle Falls Early Learning Center would require far too much of my individual time if I didn’t find a good technology tool to perform many of the tasks. As I began to research my options, I came across Curacubby from a Facebook group for education center directors of which I’m a member. I began to look more closely – while also evaluating other solutions.

What appealed to me most about Curacubby were a few things. First, the solution is priced in a way that makes it ideal for our center. We only have to pay for features and functionality that we need and not be charged extra for features that don’t suit us. On top of that, the cloud solution is extremely user-friendly and is easily customized to fit our individual center’s needs. Right from the start – when I first approached Curacubby for a demo and information – the customer service was stellar and it has never wavered. The service reps I work with continue to act as a partner to my business with a shared goal of ensuring we are successful with their platform. They have worked with me every step of the way to make sure I’m getting exactly what I need, and if I have any questions or issues they take care of things right away.

Curacubby is an ideal solution for any small business in the education or childcare space. The product is designed specifically for this type of business and it’s clear that the people behind its development really understand the ins and outs of running a child education center. There are many options out there to handle things like billing and payments – but none of them come close to matching what Curacubby offers for online registration and enrollment, parent communications and fundraising, among other things. The solution integrates with our accounting software so sending invoices and processing payments is seamless. It also integrates with our contact management system so there is no duplication of work when it comes to updating records and managing communications.

The solution saves me about 30-40 hours a week taking care of tasks that I would otherwise be doing manually, which means I can focus my time on what I need to do to ensure we offer a top-notch experience for our kids, our teachers and the entire community.

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