Make your school forms digital

Reduce your paperwork and simplify parental communication by building and publishing forms online and auto-tracking submissions on each student record.
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The Online Form Builder Designed for Schools

Whether it's a new health policy acknowledgment, permission slip, welcome letter, or syllabus review, forms help you establish procedures, communicate effectively, set expectations, and meet legal requirements. But it's also difficult to distribute, return, and track submissions

Curacubby's Forms module makes building and publishing forms easy. Plus, parents will be automatically notified when new material is ready for their review, and they can use an e-signature to complete the form online. And all submissions are tracked on the student record for simple reporting and management.

Use a single form builder for all your forms.

You build all your forms in our easy-to-use form builder, from COVID-19 health policies to permission slips.

Make life easier for parents.

Automatically notify parents when new forms are published and have them complete the forms online with e-signatures in their Curacubby app.

Auto-track form submissions.

The system associates each form with the students, so you can keep track of the different forms you’ve received per contact.

How It Works

Easily build, publish, share, and track forms – all in a singular, easy-to-use platform.


You build your form in the Curacubby platform and share new forms with parents.


Parents complete the forms with an e-signature.


All forms are saved on the student record, so it's easy to track and report on.