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Curacubby Team
September 19, 2022

U.S. Department of Commerce Awards Curacubby, Minority e-Commerce Firm Of The Year

MBDA BLOGCuracubby is named the 2022 Minority e-Commerce Firm Of The Year

The US Department of Commerce, Minority Business Development Agency has awarded Curacubby as the Minority e-Commerce Firm of the Year.

“The MED Week Awards are the highest level of national recognition that a U.S. minority-owned firm can receive from the Department of Commerce.”

Curacubby is a complete online school management system that handles enrollment, billing and payment processing, account management, reporting, and revenue growth – without the complexity found in other solutions. Curacubby stands firm by the same mission statement that launched the platform nationwide, addressing the needs to support education and enrichment leaders to develop a whole-child. Curacubby aims to bridge the gap between quality education and mobile commerce.

We humbly accept this award with continued dedication to providing solutions to schools, after-school programs, cities and so much more across the nation. To learn more about how this nationally recognized software can help your organization, schedule a demo with a Curacubby Education Specialist.