Record Symptom Checks on Students & Staff

Enable parents to log student symptoms before drop off and record student & staff temperatures and symptoms at school.

Health Screening Software for Schools

Symptoms Record

Coronavirus Prevention

Health Information Tracking

Contact Tracing

Keep your school community healthy and safe.

Record daily symptoms and temperatures, as well as exposures to illness, for all students and staff at your school. Prevent transmission. Meet reopening guidelines. And make health your competitive advantage.

Customize the health screening questions.

Choose which health screening questions you want to appear and which data points you want to track. For example, you can assess temperature and symptoms, as well as exposure to a sick person or potentially risky behaviors like travel.

student health tracking system where parents record student temperature and symptoms
student health tracking system record record of daily entries of student health and symptoms

Have parents log daily wellness checks.

Document student health and symptoms before they even get to school. Simplify check in and help your staff and families make informed and safe attendance choices. Catch potential exposure early. And keep a record of it all.

“I really cannot recommend Curacubby highly enough! Their support team is incredibly responsive and resolves any hiccup right away with unfaltering service and friendliness.”
Tristen Taylor, Monteverde School

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