Check Students In & Out Digitally

Touchless Attendance enables parents to check their students in and out via a kiosk or their phone. Plus, it's all tracked in a student management system for easy billing and reporting.

The Ultimate Student Check-In System

Student & Staff Check-In

Attendance Tracking

Extended Care Billing

Symptom Tracking

Health and safety

Prioritize a secure environment.

Maintain social distancing and reduce the spread of germs in your school with a completely digital experience.

Simplify check-in

Drop-off and pick-up with ease.

Make the drop-off and pick-up process a positive experience for parents and reduce stress for staff during these busy times.

Curacubby QR check in screen
Curacubby time-based billing

Simplify check-in

Connect your attendance with billing.

Automate invoicing based on when students arrive and leave your school so you efficiently bill for before and after-school care as well as other programs.

“I really cannot recommend Curacubby highly enough! Their support team is incredibly responsive and resolves any hiccup right away with unfaltering service and friendliness.”
Tristen Taylor, Monteverde School

Be ready, be fast, be safe with FastScreen

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