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Kate Van Cleef
May 30, 2019

What No One Tells You About School Management Systems

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What No One Tells You About School Management Systems

As the education industry becomes increasingly digitized, it’s important for schools to keep up with the paperless trend. Whether your school is new to school administration software or if you’ve used the same system for years, there are unquestionable financial and organizational advantages to conducting a thorough assessment of your school’s needs. And while on the surface it may appear that a major industry player with name recognition like FACTS or Smart Tuition is your best all-around billing and payment option, they are not always the best when it comes to your needs around flexible invoicing and incidental billing.  

Many school management programs do not play well with Quickbooks, or they handle school payment processing in such a way that your administrative team is forced to manually reconcile data on the back end. But the bigger problem with many popular platforms is that they choose to control the relationship between the payer (your families) and the school’s A/R department. For example, some companies choose to hold the funds from parents’ online payments for up to ten business days simply so they can collect interest on the payment before transferring it to the school, or they may not let you have control over your families’ request for late fee removals if, for example, those families encounter hardships.  Worst yet, your families are confused by “contract update” terms, whenever you create an incidental billing for additional services.

In contrast, Curacubby transfers funds to your bank the same day your accounts receivables are paid. Unlike the big name players, we do not charge a fee for online payments processing.  Yes, that is right - online payments are 100% FREE to the school and the families that pay.  Finally, your families always receive transparent invoices and a full account ledger to understand their balances in detail.

The result? Your schools keep 100% of the amount invoiced and your parents have on-demand real-time access to their financial information. Imagine that.

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