Announcement: Curacubby now under new leadership

Steven Khuong
June 14, 2019

Experience the Start-Up Lifestyle

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Experience the Start-Up Lifestyle

Hey, we’re happy that you’re considering us! Whatever your previous job experience, Curacubby offers a unique and exciting work environment.

Positive Management

Curacubby offers a start-up culture like no other. The atmosphere is casual but goal-oriented.  Our company founders are committed to the success of each team member, using a positive coaching approach to help each individual tackle their unique challenges and exceed expectations.

Collaborative Culture

We hit our goals and quotas by competing with ourselves, but working together. We share discoveries, insights, and information throughout the day, and our lead management etiquette is well-defined and cooperative. We rely on transparency and peer-based productivity check-ins to keep ourselves engaged and collectively on track.


Boundless Opportunity

No matter your starting position at Curacubby, there is the opportunity to grow within the company. The management team fosters talent and rewards determination. New career opportunities, a generous bonus structure, and genuine appreciation of your effort await you as a dedicated team member.

Perks and Benefits

There is more to life than work, and Curacubby allows you to maintain balance with 120 hours of PTO and 100% free health benefits. Our amazing office manager keeps the break room stocked with snacks, and is always open to ideas to make our workplace more comfortable and productive.


Curacubby gets things done with a suite of user-friendly, next generation, third-party tools:

Our virtual Human Resources hub. Our office is almost 100% paperless, and HR forms are no exception! Sign online and accessible for reference anytime.

Our Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM). Easy to learn and navigate, and integrates seamlessly with Google Tools and sales support apps.

Google Tools
Email, Docs, Spreadsheets...Google does it all, and it allows for easy sharing and collaboration.

Our payroll and PTO management platform is lively, interactive, and a breeze to use. From a virtual welcome aboard card from your new co-workers to a confetti-filled email each payday, Gusto brings a little fun to a traditionally dull business facet.

our local PostNet owner in El Paso, Javier Ferrer, consistently gives us the best quality printing for the best price on business cards, brochures, mailers, and more.


With team members located in both Berkeley, CA and El Paso, TX, we need easy and seamless communication. We rely heavily on the Slack messaging app to share ideas, workplace updates, and shout-outs when a team member succeeds.

Once you’re hired, we want you to feel welcome and proud of the brand you represent. And that means swag! Curacubby magnets and vinyl stickers are just one of the little ways Curacubby shows their appreciation and fosters team spirit.


Each Curacubby manager and leader regularly contributes knowledge and how-to info to our virtual training manual. Need some help with a process or want clarification on a company practice? Ask for help, and not only will you be coached right away, but that information will also be added to Trainual for others as well.

Join the Team!

If this sounds like the place for you, check out our job postings! We look forward to your application.