Announcement: Curacubby now under new leadership

Lola Vaughn
April 19, 2021

Curacubby's Fresh Features

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Curacubby's Fresh Features List

Curacubby is the only comprehensive school management system that handles all aspects of school administration, from accounting to attendance. 

We’ve recently launched several new features, designed to seamlessly manage even the most complex of K-12 school systems.

Tuition Management:

Accounting is the foundation of high-performing schools, so Curacubby’s platform includes a variety of accounting-specific features such as automated invoicing, online payment options, and customized reports. You can even replicate categories from Quickbooks, to ensure a seamless transition.

Touchless Attendance:

With Curacubby’s digital attendance features, you can eliminate paper attendance forms, simplify reopening plans, and even connect attendance and billing. Our attendance platform also includes parent communication tools.

Digital Form Management:

Curacubby’s custom digital form builder has e-signature capabilities and cloud storage, so you can streamline and simplify the form-filling process. 

Moments App:

Unique to Curacubby, Moments is an app, available on iOS and Android, that allows for seamless, real-time communication between parents and teachers. Teachers can use the app to share important updates, lesson plans, and even photos and videos of students throughout the day.
Student Health Tracking:

With Curacubby’s digital health records, school staff can easily perform and track health checks on students and staff. Parents can also log their children's’ health information prior to drop-off.

At Curacubby, we’re dedicated to not only streamlining school management, but also helping schools provide the best possible experience for students, parents, teachers, and staff.

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