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Steven Khuong
October 11, 2019

Is Curacubby Right for Me?

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Is Curacubby Right for Me?

We at Curacubby are on a mission to help schools improve their financial bottom line. We do this by offering a user-friendly, high-tech modular system and eliminating unnecessary fees. We are proud of the administrative solution we have built, and we trust our support team to deliver outstanding customer service. But we might not be the best fit for every school.

While Curacubby is flexible enough to adapt to different administrative structures and school management styles, our product is best matched to school administrators who want to improve their internal processes and follow best practices to improve their cash flow and record keeping. We will provide full product implementation, strategy, and thought leadership, but we also want all the stakeholders at the school to be open to the concept that adopting new processes may be required in order to be successful, not only on our platform, but on the business landscape as well. 

Let’s look at two hypothetical preschools (let’s call them Sweet Baby Angels and Terrific Tiny Tots) and explore what their experience with Curacubby may be like. When they reach out to Curacubby, both preschools are in similar predicaments. Both schools still only accept cash and paper checks and stick invoices each month into the children’s cubbies. Both schools accept partial payments from parents at the parents’ convenience, and both maintain student records in cardboard file boxes in the corner of the office.

Jill is the owner-director of Sweet Baby Angels. During the exploration process with Curacubby, she is open with the Account Executive about her current business practices, pain points, and challenges. She adopts Curacubby in February and begins working through the implementation process with our support team, and she seizes the opportunity to update her business practices as well. 

Jill works with her office assistant to scan for bulk upload any paper records that will not otherwise be entered into the Curacubby database. She posts new, firm payment policies, stops accepting cash and physical checks, and enthusiastically introduces the parents to the online Curacubby portal. By the end of the school year, her cash flow has improved considerably and every student record can be accessed in a snap. She knows next year will be even better, and she is especially looking forward to a quick and easy tax season.

Jack is the owner-director of Terrific Tiny Tots. While Jack is also forthcoming about his business practices during the exploration process and politely listens to suggestions from his Account Executive about strategies to maximize his transition to Curacubby, he reasons that if the platform is as good as advertised adopting it should be all he needs to do improve operations and make his life less stressful.

Unlike Jill, Jack continues to accept cash and physical check payments because the flexible Curacubby platform allows him to do so manually, including partial payments. In February, he provides the Curacubby onboarding team with only the most basic student data, leaving the cardboard boxes untouched in the corner. Concerned about what his families’ reactions to new technology might be, he tentatively introduces his families to the online parent portal, but he stresses that they can still receive invoices in their childrens’ cubbies since that’s what they are used to. In May, his office administrator has the bank bag filled with cash and checks stolen from her car when she stops at the grocery store. 

Where Terrific Tiny Tots assumed new software was a magic bullet, Sweet Baby Angels recognized that the promise of the Curacubby platform would best be fulfilled by implementing simple changes to support and complement the solution.

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