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Kate Van Cleef
June 12, 2019

What We Are, What We Are Not

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What We Are, What We Are Not

There are dozens of child care management systems available, and there is no single solution that will work for every school. When it comes to selecting a child care management system, it is important to consider your organization’s pain points and priorities, and then assess how each product can meet your needs. We want to make your job easier by being as straightforward as possible about what we are great at doing on the Curacubby platform, as well as our guiding philosophy as a business.

Commitment to serving our customers’ best needs is front and center in the Curacubby platform structure. We provide a highly secure, cloud-based enrollment, billing, payment, and student management system. There is nothing to download or install on your computer. And because we understand that every school is different, we created a modular system.

At the center is our core accounting platform that provides your school with a simple, transparent invoicing and accounting system with no transaction fees or fees for additional users. We also do not act as or contract with third-party payment processors. For online tuition payments and incidental billing, we simply provide a secure payment portal between your families’ banks and your bank. Where other platforms lock schools into inflexible billing arrangements with parents, Curacubby makes it easy to manually enter monthly adjustments or line items on an invoice, without interrupting the automated invoicing and collection flow.

Beyond the accounting software core, our clients may add other modules - such as attendance tracking or online enrollment and waitlisting - as is necessary for their school. We also offer robust forms and reports module that allows school administrators to run reports as unique as their school.  We also provide a one-way message blast module - perfect for emergency notifications and event reminders.

We are dedicated to being a client-centered company. We provide our customers with white-glove, personalized support. We do not outsource or limit access to our customer support team, and our account representatives and support professionals are in constant communication, working together to give each client the best and most consistent experience possible.