Lola Vaughn
April 2, 2020

Hi, We're Curacubby!

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Hi, We're Curacubby!

In our first podcast episode, we talk with Curacubby's CEO, Steven Khuong, and Curacubby Education Specialist, Surya Voinar, on some essential questions regarding the product and how it can help schools, especially through COVID-19.

Steven Khuong touches on his personal situation before the founding of Curacubby. His son was diagnosed with Autism early in his education, and as a parent looking for the best education for their child, Steven felt that no education program met his own needs. With the help of other families in their community, they created an early education program at the preschool level in a nearby church. As the program grew, they understood there was a crucial piece missing for the program to flourish and succeed, and that was the operational efficiency on the back office side. As 80% percent of other schools, they were dependent on performing manual tasks for enrollment, registration, tuition collection, billing, and more. They knew to sustain the school long term; they would need a solution that addressed the inefficiency they were facing. After looking at numerous software programs, none provided the support they needed in tackling the back-end of the business. This experience was the catalyst for building something for themselves and ultimately knew that so many other schools were bound to be experiencing the same issues. Through beta testing, they were able to launch a full suite of programs, and Curacubby is now a venture-backed company with aspirations to change, help, and disrupt the educational market in a very positive way.

Surya, Curacubby education specialist, and former school owner and director shared that it was her own experience dealing with the chaos of paperwork, lost checks, and manual, tedious data entry. For school owners, directors, and parents having a single source of truth for invoices, emergency contacts, signed forms is crucial in creating an institution with trust.

So why, Curacubby? The meaning behind it was quite simple. The "cubby" represents the central place where you put all of a child's belongings; their jacket, backpack, and where teachers store forms for parents to take. After much research, we found that Cura (Latin rooted) meant administrator or to administer. As you put those two words together, Curacubby, we are the place where an administrator or school can find records and files for their business.

Curacubby is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through mobile or computer. For a monthly subscription, a school can leverage the platform to optimize their workflow, send out billing on an automated basis, and offer their families the ability to pay their child's tuition online—All-in-one easy and accessible platform. Curacubby works with schools of all sizes, from in-home daycare with just a handful of students to school districts with thousands of students. If you're a school that is still doing manual work, taking in paper checks or cash, and accepting enrollment and registration through paper -- Curacubby could be the perfect solution for your school. Continue providing value to your students' education by minimizing your time in the back-office and dedicating time to those you love.

During COVID-19, it's more important now than ever that schools can provide online access or virtual access to their families on both classroom engagement levels, as well as Finance and Administration. To the extent that a school has both of these components intact, they're one hundred times more likely to service their families and do right by them. Curacubby can offer schools peace of mind during times of uncertainty. Learn more about how Curacubby can help your school flourish through automation.