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Steven Khuong
April 12, 2019

How Small Businesses Can Weather Uncertain Market Conditions

New Financial Data: How COVID-19 Impacted the Bottom Line of 500+ Schools [Whitepaper]
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How Small Businesses Can Weather Uncertain Market Conditions

When market conditions are unstable, the toll on small businesses can be monumental – and private schools, daycare centers, camps and after-school programs are no different. As market conditions fluctuate, so does consumer spending, and that can have an impact on your operating margins. In this business environment, it’s critical to run your school or childcare center as efficiently as possible to maximize cost-savings and productivity. This is where technology comes in. Luckily, there are a number of free and low-cost tools available that are simple to use and can streamline operations, replace paper-based processes and keep your staff more productive and happier.

Below are a few tools you can use to automate manual, paper-based processes like billing and invoicing, payment processing, fundraising, customer surveys, event management, and enrollment.

  1. Google Forms – Google Forms can be used for a variety of purposes, including contact management, invitation creation and event management, and various other tasks. The site offers a number of templates for easy customization to match your specific needs, or you can create your own forms for whatever purpose you have. Google Forms are completely free and are simple enough for non-tech savvy users.

  2. Dropbox – Dropbox offers free and low-cost cloud-based storage so you have a place to upload and store documents and free up space on your computer. You can share password-protected documents with other users so it’s a great way to share files and information with your accountant or other vendors whose services you use, or you can use it to store and share photos, videos or other important assets.

  3. Survey Monkey – Survey Monkey is an online tool for conducting surveys so you can get customer feedback on anything from satisfaction ratings to fundraiser options, field trips and other events. You can create simple surveys or surveys that are multiple questions and pages. The tool is free for an unlimited number of surveys with up to 10 questions and 100 responses.

  4. Curacubby – Curacubby provides you with a centralized platform for contact management, billing and payment processing, student enrollment and more. Curacubby replaces all your paper-based processes, saving your team 30+ hours a month and making account management fast and easy. No more paper invoices or checks, no more trips to the bank, and best of all – parents appreciate the ease of being able to pay bills and sign up students for programs online. Curacubby is available for free for businesses with fewer than 10 students and 10 total invoices per year, and offers affordable tiered pricing for larger schools, depending on their needs.

These are just a few of the many tools available to help small business owners better manage time-intensive, cumbersome projects and tasks. When you replace manual processes with affordable technology solutions, everybody wins.
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