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Simplify registration, enrollment, and billing. Automate all aspects of your K-8 school operations that are slowing you down. Get back to what you love doing the most!

The New Standard in School Management Software

The complexities involved in operating a school cost owners and administrators countless hours and dollars. Operators are not only perplexed by the myriad of manual tasks required to process applications effectively but are also plagued by the uncertainty of timely payments once students are enrolled.

This is why Curacubby was founded; to help schools of all sizes function effectively and increase their operating margins. We offer a complete suite of customizable modular technologies backed by world-class customer service to help your organization thrive and grow.

I really can't recommend Curacubby highly enough.

"Their support team is incredibly responsive and resolves any hiccup right away with unfaltering service and friendliness."

Tristen Taylor
Co-Director, Monteverde School
Berkeley, CA

Curacubby has been a great solution for our school.

"I highly recommend it for any childcare or educational center looking to automate processes and improve efficiencies."

Caitlin Schmitt
Director, Marin Enrichment
Kentfield, CA

Not only does Curacubby make my life easier it makes my families happier!

"They can pay however and whenever is convenient for them." 

Lauren Kuehn
Director, Green Hills Pre-School
Los Gatos, CA

I highly recommend it!

"We did a lot of research to try to find registration software that would accomplish what we needed and Curacubby far surpassed any other available platform."

Mara Gladden
Director, Wise Forest Preschool San Francisco, CA

"We are happy to use Curacubby as our billing platform - very convenient for our parents and extremely affordable for me as I was drowning in fees before!! Thank you!"

Amber smith
Le Petit Jardin
San Anselmo, CA

Preschool Directors have never-ending amounts of to do lists. Let Curacubby take SEVERAL of them off your plate!
"Curacubby's system can check off registrations, waitlist managing, online billing, group text announcements, electronic attendance, electronic staff timecards, and SO MUCH more! Curacubby--DO IT."

Candace Martinez
Director, Muster Seed Preschool
Berkeley, CA

I am free to do what I really love, spend time with children! 

"I am so grateful to Curacubby for tending to all the tuitions coming in, going out, depositing, keeping track of, having records of it all and having tax information for the families as they need it."

Wendolyn bird
Director/Lead Teacher, Tender Tracks Tales & Trails, Fairfax, CA

Curacubby has saved me hundreds of hours!

"We have brought in more money this year and for the first time, we actually get paid the late fees without all the awkwardness."

Osnat Shlain
Director, The Lake School
Oakland, CA

Easy to use, and it saves us time! 

"Curacubby team is very professional and is always there when you need support. We highly recommend you give them a try for your school needs!"

Natella Shtern
President, Alpha Kids Academy, San Francisco, CA

I am loving Curacubby and what it's done for my business workflow!

"Curacubby lets me create organization systems that work for me, for my unique needs. I have all the information I need at my fingertips!"

Rebecca Hackett-levy
Northeast LA Forest School,
Los Angeles, CA

Simplify Payment Management

Automate billing, invoicing, and accounting with Curacubby’s online payment management system. Parents access invoices and other financial documents and make payments at home or on their mobile devices. They can pay by credit card or bank transfer, set up auto-pay, and see their rewards points soar!

Automate Late Fees and Payment Collection

Spend less time collecting past-due invoices and managing late fees. When parents miss a payment, Curacubby sends alerts via email or SMS and automatically adds late fees to past-due billing statements.

Digitize Attendance

Streamline sign-in and sign-out process with Curacubby’s digital attendance feature. Set up a check-in Kiosk that connects to parents’ mobile phones, easily track when students arrive and leave, and bill accordingly.

Keep Parents Engaged

Connect with parents by email or text using Curacubby’s Reach Out feature. Send out communications by class, grade-level, team, or any other group you want to create. Plus, you won’t expose your personal number or email, so you don’t have to worry about inundating your inbox with responses.

Manage Enrollment and Waitlist Management Online

Go digital with online application and registration processing for new and existing students. Curacubby’s online application integrates with your payment and student records system for a fully integrated solution to enrollment and waitlist management.

Run Reports Quickly and Efficiently

With a fully-integrated school management system, run reports across billing, attendance, enrollment, and more.

Marin Enrichment reduces labor costs by 200% and saves staff approximately 35 hours per month in data entry with Curacubby, enabling the school to increase its capacity for enrollment. 


Our Lady of Loretto increases margins, provides real-time reports to its accounting provider, and reduces its payment processing costs using Curacubby. 


Premiere Prep replaces its "brand name payments company" with Curacubby’s integrated registration and digital payments solution to increase profit margins, cut costs by over 30%, and streamline its customer experience.

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