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Mia Bayuga
February 23, 2022

School Software Solves Early Childhood Education Staffing Shortages

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It wasn’t long ago that childcare and education providers laid their head on their pillow at night listening to the sweet weeps of appreciation (often mistaken as cries for help) from guardians and parents forced to adapt to distance learning. For as long as it lasted, it was short-lived.

As we begin to groundhog our way out of masked mandates, guesstimating 6 feet, and sanitizing the hand sanitizer dispenser; we are forced to look at resurfacing staffing challenges within Early Childhood Education Centers.

Staff are required to manage back-end admin tasks like applications, tuition management, health & safety compliance, and parent-teacher communications; while simultaneously providing children with the tools they need to develop emotional, social, and cognitive skills to become lifelong learners. Staffing shortages have made the workload heavier on those that are present leading to burnout or worse— leaving their profession. Perhaps it is time for a different approach- one that uses child care management software that optimizes workflow by streamlining tasks, thus creating more time for our children.

I believe this profession requires a heart of service and sacrifice. I say this as a parent who greatly benefitted from an ECE center so your commitment isn’t taken lightly. Our society was reminded once more about the essential role Early Childhood Educators play in our community. Although systemic change needs to come from policy makers, to which the conversations are being spotlit as of recent, there are resources available today to help simplify a centers workflow.

At Curacubby we often say, “a tool is only a tool until it is a part of a solution”. Have you ever utilized an entire toolbox? Take a look at what your facility needs and utilize our digital solutions accordingly. There is no one size fits all solution because much like the children you serve, your facility needs and wants are unique. 

Curacubby ECE Features

Curacubby is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through desktop or mobile. For a monthly subscription, a school can leverage the platform to improve their workflow with tools for online school registration, tuition management software and even a teacher parent communication app.

We may not know what is ahead, but we are deeply familiar with the privilege you carry by raising the next generation. We at Curacubby look forward to furthering your efforts by offering digital solutions to reduce back-office admin tasks and increase focus on adding value to the children.

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