Surya Voinar
June 5, 2019

How Curacubby Helped Me Grow My Private School Bottom Line – and Why I’m Now Part of the Team

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How Curacubby Helped Me Grow My Private School Bottom Line – and Why I’m Now Part of the Team

As a former Montessori School owner and director, I spent the majority of my career managing my business without the use of any school administration software, as most school owners do. Let’s face it, when you’re not tech-savvy, the idea of using software can be intimidating. I was accustomed to the many hours that billing, collecting and processing forms, and banking required. I suppose I just accepted that as part of the job.

It took the inquiries and prompts of parents to help me realize that times were changing. More and more, visiting parents would inquire not only about the educational philosophy and curriculum of my school but also about what technology the school had in place to improve their experience as customers. It quickly became apparent to me that, in order to stay current and meet the needs of Millennial parents, it was important for me to invest in a school management system.

As I began to research the various software platforms marketed for schools, I was surprised to discover that there were options focused on everything from online grading systems to blogging platforms to video monitoring apps. As I explored these options, I realized that not only would I need to consider the financial impact on my business, but also how the introduction of new software would impact my school community.

As my goals for investing in school management software became clear, I realized I wanted to find a platform that was focused on ensuring the financial stability and growth of my school while extending greater convenience to my parents. I wasn’t interested in a parent-teacher communication app, as I realized that such a platform would require my staff to spend more time on their phones taking pictures, uploading videos, tracking how many times a student’s picture was taken and posted to ensure equal postings, etcetera.

I wanted the teachers in my school to continue to focus their energy on keeping students engaged and being personally connected to them. What I needed was the automation of back-office tasks: billing, tracking invoices, payment collections, and record keeping.  Ultimately, I wanted a school management system that would help me – and parents – save money and make the payment and forms process easier and more efficient for all. For example, I wanted to eliminate the need for parents to buy paper checks the potential for them to incur late fees if a check didn’t arrive on time. I ultimately chose Curacubby.

Parents quickly affirmed my choice by sharing positive feedback on the user-friendly parent portal, the ease of being able to make online tuition payments with the click of a button, and the responsive, supportive customer service team. From the administrative perspective, Curacubby freed up my time and allowed me to spend less time in the office and more time with my students, parents, and teachers.

After three years of using Curacubby with great success, I sensed a change in my professional life. I felt it was time to pass the baton to the next generation and begin the next chapter. I now work for the company that brought me invaluable support and helped my business flourish.

As a member of the Curacubby team, I now have the opportunity to share my professional experience as both an educator and business owner while representing a product I trust and believe in. I am excited to be able to help school business owners like you better understand your business and the impact technology can have.