Dan Vaughn
July 10, 2020

Curacubby launches Touchless Attendance!

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Curacubby launches Touchless Attendance!

It's hard to believe, but the summer is already halfway through. Educators across the country are typically readying themselves for a new school year. But unlike any other school year in the past, this one will offer a set of challenges never faced in this country. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the United States, and safety will be the priority for parents, teachers, and students. How schools and childcare facilities respond to this new challenge could mean the difference between a safe and confident population, full of satisfied clients and staff, and an unimpressed and disappointed list of parents, looking elsewhere for the attention to detail they expect during these unprecedented times. 

While you will be handling the hand washing, disinfecting, and temperature checks, Curacubby has a solution for one of the critical touchpoints of any school or childcare facility: the check-in area. At most school sites, when parents drop off their children, they access check-in systems using their login and password credentials or use a pen to sign their names on paper. It's the first thing they do and the last thing they do each school day, and no matter where they've been or what they've touched. The risk of spreading contamination is always on the top of minds for administrators. Even schools that are diligent about cleaning struggles to maintain sanitary equipment during the morning and afternoon rush hours.  Thanks to our customers' input and product feedback, Curacubby is proud to release a touchless check-in/out system that will ease school staff and parents' minds.

Touchless Attendance is a simple way to check children in and out without making physical contact with a keypad. Parents can access a QR code on your school tablet (or desktop computer) and scan it with their phone's camera. A web app will load automatically, giving them access to check-in their children directly from their cell phones. The QR code resets every 15 minutes, ensuring location-specific authentication. This process provides school administrators peace of mind without complicated programming, and best of all, no contact. At the same time, parents can enter your facility and feel confident that you value their health and safety.

While your clients get assurance that your school is a safe, healthy space, you will also benefit from your staff feeling just as confident coming to work. Facial coverings, hand sanitizer, and regular cleaning will be a fundamental process in the foreseeable future.  Curacubby's touchless attendance provides the next level of security for your staff.  In a time when employee retention is critical, your team will know that you value their safety and concerns.

Touchless Attendance by Curacubby prioritizes our customers' concerns and enables them to respond to the requirements in the ever-changing climate of COVID-19.  Ensuring that our customer and their clients have the tools to make safety decisions on demand brings peace of mind and reduces the risks associated with the pandemic. 

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