Dan Vaughn
July 27, 2020

Back-to-School: Safety Supplies for 2020

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Back-to-School: Safety Supplies for 2020

Every job, no matter how important or mundane, requires a specific set of tools and talents to be completed correctly. You can’t go to work as a plumber and take a knife and a spatula. Certainly, no airline pilot would be qualified to fly a plane based on his ability to memorize interesting facts. Having the necessary tools and the skills to use them is a prerequisite for any profession.

Educators are facing a daunting task, one that will test their abilities to the breaking point. With the pandemic firmly in place over this country, going back to school while coping with COVID-19 is soon to be the reality. Being prepared with the proper tools and having the skills and knowledge on how to use them is a top priority. So here’s five tools your school shouldn’t be without, heading back into the school year.

Phone Sanitizer
It’s common sense. What do you touch the most? Your phone. Yet we think nothing of taking it out of our pocket or purse and pressing it against our face. That’s a highly effective way to transfer germs and viruses from your hands to your vulnerable face. Fight with a UV light phone sanitizer, guaranteed to kill 99% of living contaminants on your phone. In a minute, your phone can go from infective to safe. 

Hand Wash Timer
We all tell kids to wash their hands, but how often do they rush through it, leaving their hands contaminated? This hand wash timer from Becker’s is the perfect install for your school’s bathrooms. The bright blue button is fun for every kid to press, and it will let them know when they’ve finished a 20-second scrub. 

Hand Sanitizer Spray
There are so many moments in a day when you are in a rush and mindlessly touch an unsafe surface. You don’t have time to wash your hands. What do you do?  Having a pocket spray of hand sanitizer can be a life-saver. You don’t have to spend a fortune either. A simple spray or squirt, with a large percentage of alcohol, can make the difference and keep your hands safe! 

Boogie Wipes 
While the big concern during the pandemic is COVID19, kids always seem to have runny noses. Boogie Wipes is a great brand specializing in wipes that contain saline, which breaks down any dried material without irritating the gentle skin of the children you serve. Even adults can use them! 

Touchless Attendance
It’s easy to forget that the one thing every parent must touch in a day is the login keypad to pick up or drop off their child. That device will be crawling with germs by the end of a long day of usage, potentially spreading illness throughout your staff and customers. Curacubby designed Touchless Attendance to solve that problem, allowing parents to log in and out using their mobile phones. They scan a QR code with their phone and proceed through the login process - All without touching a single device in your facility. Now that’s a tool that could save lives.

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