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Lola Vaughn
April 16, 2020

Inspiring Kids Through A Virtual Environment Ft. Caitlin Schmitt

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Inspiring Kids Through A Virtual Environment Ft. Caitlin Schmitt

A challenge Marin Enrichment faced was how they'd bring to life the Montessori method through zoom as distance learning became the obvious thing to do while school closures took place. Through trial-and-error, the school quickly realized having preschools on zoom for a certain amount of time was not tangible since having to discover the right balance of screen time for the children on what was appropriate while also sticking to the core foundation of their curriculum. Caitlin then decided best to introduce both live zoom time as well as YouTube class videos for parents who were unable to attend and supervise their children during the live sessions.

An excellent suggestion of keeping students' engagement high throughout the lessons is fostering the same environment through a screen. Encourage teachers to have fun with their daily lesson plans by dressing up, adding humorous content to homework, and using different tools to switch it up.

Through COVID-19, we've seen schools of all sizes embrace technology in so many different and new ways that would not have been possible 20 or 30 years ago. Technology has made it possible to accelerate the teaching and to learn through the comfort of individuals' homes. While this may be the new norm for some schools post-COVID-19, others are staying true to their grassroots fundamentals. 

Caitlin believes that although technology brings peace of mind on the back-end operations side through systems like Curacubby, that allow for tedious tasks such as enrollment and payments to be automated, in a classroom, technology has no room to grow. Caitlin passionately feels that the social-emotional development kids can get through a physical setting can not be replicated through a screen. 

The "new norm" might be just the "old norm" for early childcare learning centers across the country as educators feel children would be missing out on vital elements of socializing without a classroom setting. Marin Enrichment will always be on the pulse of new technology that will help parents with ease. Their philosophy and the entire goal is the development of children through play and emotions. 

Admittingly, Caitlin praises technology for the business and administration portion of the business, highlighting how easy enrollment is for their program through their online registration via Curacubby. Curacubby's Family Sign Up Tool allows for new and existing parents to quickly sign up for a new school year or program with the ease of a button through the school website. Click the link, fill out the registration form, and the parent and student data get safely stored into your administrative portal. Never worry about lost papers again!

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