Curacubby Team
December 3, 2020

Free Student Enrollment Form [Download]

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Free Student Enrollment Form [Download]

You’ve got your marketing plan down. Your admissions funnel is built. You’re ready to grow your school. What’s next?

It’s time to start processing applications. Schools do this through paperwork, digital forms, or online application systems.

Whatever way you go about it, you need to consider two things: 1) Am I collecting enough information process and weight someone’s application? Do I risk dissuading potential applicants by the length of the form?

Here are some common questions we see used:

  • Student Name:
  • Student Address:
  • Student Date of Birth: 
  • Desired Date of Enrollment: 
  • Parent 1 Name:
  • Parent 1 Phone Number:
  • Parent 1 Accepts Texts (yes/no): 
  • Parent 1 Email: 
  • Parent 2 Name:
  • Parent 2 Phone Number:
  • Parent 2 Accepts Texts (yes/no):
  • Prior school (if applicable):
  • Siblings:

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