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Curacubby Team
April 18, 2022

Scrappy Fintech Marketing: The Power of Quarterly Business Reviews

Scrappy Fintech Marketing Guests Steven Khuong


Scrappy Fintech Marketing: Episode 4

Host, Amy Hardison White guests co-founder and CEO of Curacubby, Steven Khuong "to discuss his next-generation FinTech platform and how it helps optimize operations and finance for schools, recreational programs, and family activity providers. The episode focuses on leveraging quarterly business reviews to better understand and market to customers.”


Find out how Steven Khuong utilizes quarterly business reviews to drive growth, expansion and better understand a Curacubby customer.

  • [0:00] Steven’s journey to developing a software that would allow service providers to reconcile their accounting and business workflow

  • [8:00] Developing a roadmap to build such a multi-functional platform

  • [14:40] Implementing quarterly business review to get valuable feedback

  • [19:00] How insights from power users have impacted Curacubby’s account-based marketing strategies 

  • [26:15] Steven’s advice on conducting effective quarterly business reviews



To learn more, listen to Scrappy Fintech Marketing: Episode 4