Announcement: Curacubby now under new leadership

June 1, 2022

Authority Magazine: Steven Khuong

Authority Magazine sat down with Steven Khuong to talk all things finance and fintech. Today's technology climate demands we discern the difference between noise and information. With over a decade of experience and a "never-stop-learning" mentality, Steven shares the 5 Things You Need To Succeed In The Modern World of Finance And Fintech.

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About Curacubby

Curacubby is a one-stop online account management solution for childcare centers and preschools, K-8 and childhood enrichment, after school care, camps and sports programs. The solution was designed by preschool owners and parents to offer program administrators an easy, secure way to handle student enrollment, generate invoices and process payments from a computer or mobile device, removing the headaches of manual data entry and invoice tracking. Additionally, Curacubby enables email communications to keep parents informed and engaged while offering them the ease and convenience of making online payments from anywhere. With minimal cost to business owners and tools to grow revenues, the solution is proven to offer a fast ROI. More information is available at