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Compliance for your organization just got easier, faster, and safer than ever with FastScreen.

Whether you're performing daily health checks for programs with registered participants or screening attendees and collecting waivers during your single day events or activities, FastScreen keeps your participants SAFE and your organization COMPLIANT.

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"The process takes seconds,
allows us to stay compliant with local requirements, replaces paper / verbal questions at check-in,
and makes screening simpler for all of us."
-Irene Jai @ MVPC

Text, Screen, Go

FastScreen has dozens of uses

With the FastScreen technology you can speed up check-in processes, standardize organizational procedures, eliminate paperwork, collect & report on waiver submission, track participation, and more.
  • Recurring Classes
  • Ticketed Events (Theater, Sporting Events)
  • Summer Camps
  • Employee & Volunteer Screenings
  • Single Day Drop-In Programs
  • Sports Leagues
  • Before & After School Activities
  • Gyms & Fitness Centers

How it works

Access Your Health Checks and Waivers
Registered participants & staff receive a daily reminder via sms text with a secure link to their customized FastScreen health check questions.

Same day participants for ticketed events or drop-in camps can access your organization’s customized FastScreen questions through a secure QR code.
Fastscreen questions
Pre-Participation Screening
Customize your own screening questions to fit your business needs and enable waivers to add an extra layer of safety for your organization.
Fastscreen questions
Optional Liability Release
Enable waivers to add an extra layer of safety for your families.
Fastscreen waiver
Approve or Deny Entry
Based on a participants' answers, an approved or denied screen will show on their phone making it extra clear to your staff that the attendee is safe to participate. No more wondering if a waiver or consent form has been signed!
Fastscreen approval single
Answer Once for Multiple Household Participants
Screening questions & waivers can be applied to one or multiple individuals within a household.
Fastscreen real time report
View Real-Time Log
Gather & view data in real-time through a log that allows you to see all participants' answers. Log can be easily shared to increase flow of check in without sharing sensitive personal information. It's as easy as that!
Fastscreen real time report

Be ready, be fast, be safe with FastScreen!