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A simple, HIPAA certified tool to ensure compliance and safety for individuals and your organization. Vaccine verification, record/track weekly COVID test results, liability waivers and more!

Fully customizable and guaranteed to save time, increase efficiency and provide transparent reporting.

During the pandemic, the process with FastScreen takes seconds, allows us to stay compliant with local requirements, replaces paper and verbal questions at check-in, and makes screening simpler for all of us.
Irene Jai
Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church
• Remove risks with HIPAA protected COVID 19 vaccine verification
• Provide daily health checks and waivers for on-site attendance
• Send safe secure private messaging via SMS Texting
• Communicate emergency alerts in real-time
• Compile reports to meet compliance requirements in minutes
• Increase trust with your employees and participants
FastScreen with Curacubby

Get started from just $249. No long term commitment required.

FastScreen is a universal tool for your organization to track attendance, collect health information, and execute waivers and consent forms in a mobile-friendly format that is easy to use.

Text custom code

Text a custom code to a number and receive a daily reminder via SMS with a secure link to health check and screening questions.


Customize your own screening questions to fit your business needs, enable waivers and upload proof of vaccination to add an extra layer of safety for your organization.

Ready to go!

An approved or denied screen will show on their phone making it extra transparent to your staff that the attendee is safe to participate.

Safe and compliant

FastScreen has dozens of uses

Recurring Classes

Ticketed Events (Theater Sporting Events)

Summer Camps

Employee and Volunteer Screenings

Single Day Drop-In Programs

Before & After School Activities

Sports Leagues

Gym and Fitness Centers

How it works

Access your health check and waivers

Compliance and communication for your organization is now easier, quicker, and accessible for all users regardless of age or technical ability.

Pre-participation Screening

Be ready, be fast, be safe with FastScreen

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