Premiere Prep

College Preparation Services
Age Group:
9th to 12th Grade

Curacubby has been instrumental in helping us save time, increase revenue, and contribute to the overall user experience. It's been a seamless one-stop shop and has been a great solution in reducing monotonous admin work.

Justin Lee


Premiere Prep provides educational advancement services to students in over 60+ high schools in Southern California's Orange County area. The company offers a variety of academic services to help students become well-rounded and competitive while guiding them in selecting a university that is a good fit for their individual interests and needs.

The Problem

Previously, Premiere Prep used a cloud-based invoicing product to streamline billing and payments; however, the system was costly and didn’t integrate with the company’s online registration platform. Not only was Premiere Prep losing a large percentage of revenue each month, but the customer experience was disjointed and administrative staff were frustrated by not having a smooth workflow for registration and payments.

How Curacubby Helped

Curacubby’s expert team customized Premiere Prep’s online registration workflow to give customers more convenience and a smoother experience. Additionally, by integrating digital payments into the system, Curacubby helped the company cut costs by over 30%.

More Customer Stories

college prep

Premiere Prep

Orange County, CA

Premiere Prep replaced a "brand name payments company" with Curacubby’s integrated registration and digital payments solution to increase profit margins and streamline workflow.

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Growing Light Montessori Schools

Kensington, CA

Growing Light Montessori gave parents the convenience of online payments, ending years of frustration with check writing and eliminating their staff's trips to the bank.

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Forest School

Wise Forest Preschool

San Francisco, CA

Wise Forest Preschool turned to Curacubby for an integrative approach to applicant management and invoice automation after other software products failed.

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International Child Resources Institute

Berkeley, CA

With schools around the world, ICRI uses Curacubby to automate and process billing and payments, saving value labor time.


Redeemer Preschool

San Rafael, CA

Redeemer Preschool turned to Curacubby to replace costly school management software and automate monthly payment processing.


Little Lamb Bilingual Preschool

Albany, CA

Curacubby provided a simple integrated CRM + payments solution that Little Lamb was able to self-service and use within minutes of registration.

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