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Infants, Toddlers, Pre-K

The International Child Resource Institute has found an excellent partner in Curacubby, where we are able to utilize a one-stop system for all of our billing and payment processing needs. Thank you Curacubby!

Ken Jaffe
Founder & Global Director


ICRI, a non-profit organization based in Berkeley, CA, is on a mission to improve the lives of children and families around the world. The organization, which offers services to 1,000+ children, has developed partnerships with child and family projects in more than 35 countries and has 52 field representatives in the U.S. and other parts of the globe, who are all working to provide quality early childhood care and education and provide access to communities to the resources necessary to overcome poverty.

The Problem

ICRI manages a wide spectrum of preschools in many countries around the world. Previously, each site was using a different system to manage billing and payment processing. The corporate office, operating with a thin staff and limited budget, was labored with countless hours of reconciliation every month with no visibility into real-time accounts receiving data. In addition, ICRI primarily relied on checks for payment due to the high cost of credit card fees.

How Curacubby Helped

The company discovered Curacubby after vetting out many vendors and software platforms. After an initial evaluation, ICRI worked with the Curacubby team and was up and running on Curacubby’s unified cloud platform in a matter of days. ICRI now manages billing processes for all of its preschools through one system. In addition to centralized billing and payment processing, which saves ICRI staff approximately 30 hours per month, Curacubby’s integrated payment solutions helped ICRI significantly reduce the cost of payment processing.

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With schools around the world, ICRI uses Curacubby to automate and process billing and payments, saving value labor time.


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