October 29, 2019

Curacubby Makes Its “Reach Out” Messaging Service Available for FREE to Education and Childcare Centers throughout California As a Way to Help Schools Impacted by Wildfires

BERKELEY, Calif. – October 29, 2019 Curacubby, a leading provider of simplified student enrollment, automated billing and easy online payment solutions, today announced that it is making its “Reach Out” text and email communications service available for free to schools and childcare centers throughout California, as the state begins to grapple with what is predicted to be one of its worst fire seasons ever. 

In addition to dealing with the danger of extensive wildfires, consumers and businesses in regions throughout California are also facing multi-day power outages as the utilities companies are shutting off electricity in areas where risk of a downed powerline could start a fire. Schools in particular are affected, as they are forced to close school when there is no electricity, and often have no idea how long the outage will take place. Curacubby’s Reach Out service can be a useful way for school administrators to quickly send out alerts to parents and the community about school closures or other emergency notifications.

“We have customers throughout the state who are being impacted by the current fires and we want to help them and other schools as best we can,” said Steven Khuong, Co-founder and CEO of Curacubby. “Evacuations and power outages create enough challenges for administrators as it is, and getting timely communications out to parents can be an added worry. Curacubby is a caring member of the communities we serve and we want to do whatever we can to help schools and childcare businesses get important information out as quickly as possible.”

Any school, daycare, after school or other child education-related business that is interested in using Curacubby’s free Reach Out service can go to https://www.curacubby.com/california-fires.

About Curacubby

Curacubby is a one-stop online business management solution for childcare centers and preschools, K-8 and childhood enrichment, after school care, and camps programs. The solution was designed to offer program administrators an easy, secure way to handle student enrollment, generate invoices and process payments from a computer or mobile device, removing the headaches of manual data entry and invoice tracking. Additionally, Curacubby enables communications to keep parents informed and engaged while offering them the ease and convenience of making online payments from anywhere. With minimal cost to business owners and tools to grow revenues, the solution is proven to offer a fast ROI. More information is available at Curacubby.com.

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