About Us

We're a company operating at the intersection of edtech and fintech. Here's our story.

About Us

We're a company operating at the intersection of educational and financial technology. Here's our story.

Our Mission

Curacubby develops school management tools that enable education providers to grow their bottom line, so they can better serve their students and communities.

How We Were Founded

After his son was diagnosed with Autism, Curacubby founder, Steven Khuong, and a group of passionate parents and educators started a preschool program that offered a whole-child approach to educating youngsters with special needs.

As their special needs preschool program expanded, Khuong realized that the school’s educational goals were held back by the established, low-tech systems of payment, registration, and recordkeeping.

So Steven teamed up with two of his friends and fellow parents, Brian Meckler and Ross Lugos, to create an automated and secure online payment, registration, and recordkeeping system designed just for schools. Their goal was to bridge the gap between quality education and mobile commerce.

Today, Curacubby is a complete online school management system that handles enrollment, billing and payment processing, account management, reporting, and revenue growth – without the complexity found in other systems.

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Meet Our Founders

Steven Khuong, Founder & CEO

Brian Meckler, Founder & CTO

Ross Lugos, Founder & CBO

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