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How Curacubby Works

From collecting payments to enrolling students, you work tirelessly to ensure your school meets its goals.

That’s why we created Curacubby: to simplify operations and management for schools like yours.

Accelerate your business. Manage your growth. Create a happy and connected community.


Tuition Management System

Digitize invoicing & billing end to end.
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Before & After School Billing

Invoice for time-based charges.
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Online Fundraising Portal

Raise money for different school initiatives.
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Enrollment Management

Manage student registration online.
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Student Check-In System

Sign students in using a QR code.
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Online Form Builder

Build, publish, and collect forms online.
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Health Tracking System

Perform & record student health checks.
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Email and Text Service

Send emails and text messages to families.
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Parent Communication App

Send messges & log key information.
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Find Your Ideal Solution

curacubby invoice example

Curacubby is accounting-centric because accounting is the foundation of high-performing schools.

We work directly with you to simplify your accounting processes, streamline your manual work, and enable you to focus more on what matters: growing your business.

  • Automate your billing and invoicing process end-to-end, including late payment collections
  • Connect billing with attendance and invoice for ad-hoc items like drop-in care
  • Collect donations by bank account and credit card
  • Provide your parents with an easy online payment system
curacubby student management screen

Grow your school without creating extra work. Curacubby centralizes the entire student management process into one solution.

And our experts work closely with you to optimize for growth at every touch point.

  • Publish online registration forms and collect application fees
  • Manage your enrollment and waitlist
  • Build and collect school contracts and forms
  • Connect registration with tuition management
curacubby moments app main screen

It's critical you have systems in place to communicate with your school's families, from quick updates to major policy changes.

Curacubby offers numerous tools to keep you connected with the community you serve.

  • Send instant messages via a parent-teacher communication app
  • Craft school-wide email and text messages
  • Share important updates at student check-in
curacubby billing report

Plan for risk this school year. Your financial solvency depends on it.

Curacubby works closely with you to make sure you are protected.

  • Create touchless digital experiences to promote safety
  • Share and collect signed health policies and monitor students' temperatures at check in
  • Adjust tuition schedules easily and collect more on-time payments
  • Offer parents an online payment tool in a 100% secure environment

Power Your School Administration With Curacubby

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