Wise Forest Preschool

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Nature-based Preschool / Outdoor Camp


Wise Forest Preschool offers nature immersion outdoor preschool classes and camps in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Serving 100+ children, Wise Forest’s play-based curriculum is designed for youngsters ages 2.5 to 5 and is modeled after European forest kindergartens. Activities include valuable free play time, hiking, hands-on ecology lessons, fort building, creative arts, and circle time.

The Problem

Without physical boundaries or office space, Wise Forest lacks computers and technology. Previously, they used a brand name registration-only software to manage customer information and process payments, which had severe limitations and required heavy amounts of manual labor. School administrators had to take the registration information from the payment processor and manually replicate the information onto Google Drive. Parents only received paper receipts which created extra headaches on their end for making payments and tracking expenses. As a result, the school wanted to find a cloud solution for managing customer information and processing payments, that would be accessible from any location.

How We Helped

Curacubby’s online registration module was the answer to Wise Forest’s challenges. The solution collects student information, automatically emails invoices to parents and processes payments. Additionally, Curacubby creates student and parent accounts instantly, allowing both families and school staff to access information anytime. The solution has saved Wise Forest dozen of hours and per month and reduce administrative significantly.

Curacubby has saved our school so much time with invoicing. It's easy for families to use and provides them with several payment options. Curacubby also has great support when we have any questions. They respond quickly and are a pleasure to work with. I'm absolutely thrilled about it!
Mara Aaberg

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