Marin Enrichment

Afterschool Enrichment Program
Age Group:
Pre-K to 8th Grade

We are saving a tremendous amount of administrative time associated with our billing process. It would usually take roughly 40 hours a month to process payments and deal with billing related issues. We are now only spending a couple of hours each month.

Caitlin Schmitt


Marin Enrichment (ME) is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment through activities that are designed to meet the needs of each of its participants. ME serves children from two years nine months through 12 years of age, and is structured to promote and enhance emotional, physical, intellectual and social, age appropriate development. The school facilitates individual, personalized learning and encourages the development of student-initiated projects. Most importantly, ME encourages personal growth within a climate of mutual respect and caring.

The Problem

After three decades of continued success, Marin Enrichment had outgrown its previous approach to student management and invoicing, comprised of manual data entry, spreadsheet tracking and updating paper-based statements. The school was looking for a software solution that could help reduce labor costs associated with their preschool and after-school programs and provide their families with on-demand access to formsand financial documents.

How Curacubby Helped

Curacubby's cloud platform reduced labor costs at Marin Enrichment by 200% and saved the staff approximately 35 hours per month in data entry. With the time savings, the school was able to allocate its resources to grow the business, which has resulted in an increase in its capacity for enrollment. 

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