Little Lamb Bilingual Preschool

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Bilingual Preschool


Little Lamb Bilingual Preschool is a small, licensed Chinese-English bilingual preschool based on Christian values. Little Lamb provides a safe and loving learning environment for children between the ages of 2 - 8 years old to grow intellectually, cognitively, socially, and spiritually.

The Problem

Little Lamb needed a very simple CRM and payments solution that the program director could use without taking time away from the classroom. The director looked at Quickbooks and Paypal as options, but realized that both programs were cost-prohibitive and also lacked the appropriate customer architecture that preschools need to properly manage students and tuition and to communicate with parents to notify them of important events and reminders.

How We Helped

Little Lamb Preschool found Curacubby through word of mouth, and after seeing a demo, decided to implement the solution. Curacubby addressed all of Little Lamb’s concerns: the need for a simple-to-use, affordable solution that integrated with customer information and enabled automated billing, payments and communication. With Curacubby’s simple integrated CRM + payments solution, Little Lamb is able to perform tasks through the self-service portal within minutes.

Curacubby really helps ease my burden of managing invoices and payments every month. Both parents and school find Curacubby an extremely user-friendly and convenient tool!
Xin Dong

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