Growing Light Montessori Schools

Multi-campus Montessori School
Age Group:
Pre-K and Transitional K

With Curacubby, I no longer have to worry about payments. I'm back to doing what I love - working with parents, my teachers, and most of all, my students.

Surya Voinar-Fowler


Growing Light Montessori operates numerous schools around the San Francisco Bay Area, supporting 200+ students from toddlers to 7 years of age. The mission is to provide a nurturing environment that supports each child’s natural curiosity and creativity, while stimulating a love of learning. The classrooms are tailored to meet the needs and interests of the individual child and provide a powerful educational foundation, enthusiastically preparing them for a fulfilling, self-expressed and productive life.

The Problem

For decades, Growing Light Montessori Schools have relied on parents writing checks every month for tuition. Not only does this cost them endless hours in manual processing, reconciling, and standing in line at the bank, but perhaps more importantly, parents started to complain about Growing Light’s inability to accept digital payments. This presented some challenges for the Montessori schools, as they wanted to address customer needs but they didn’t want to incur the added costs of credit card processing fees.

How Curacubby Helped

Curacubby provided a free digital payments solution that was easy to implement, saving them over 30 hours per month in processing time. Since implementing Curacubby, they now have 100% of parents making payments using the system via mobile and other online devices. Parents pay a few extra dollars each month to cover the processing fees, which they are happy to do given the convenience and time savings of no longer writing checks, making it a win-win for everyone.

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With schools around the world, ICRI uses Curacubby to automate and process billing and payments, saving value labor time.

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Growing Light Montessori Schools

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Growing Light Montessori gave parents the convenience of online payments, ending years of frustration with check writing and eliminating their staff's trips to the bank.

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Premiere Prep

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Premiere Prep replaced a "brand name payments company" with Curacubby’s integrated registration and digital payments solution to increase profit margins and streamline workflow.

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Wise Forest Preschool

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Wise Forest Preschool turned to Curacubby for an integrative approach to applicant management and invoice automation after other software products failed.


Redeemer Preschool

San Rafael, CA

Redeemer Preschool turned to Curacubby to replace costly school management software and automate monthly payment processing.

Private k-8

Our Lady of Loretto

Novato, CA

OLL replaced installed billing software with Curacubby, increasing margins and providing real-time reports to its accounting provider.

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